Fitting Diagrams

These are side view diagrams with photos of each fitting of our fuel lines.

Note: We no longer produce the AN-6 fitting.

HOSE - Male hose barb for 3/8" rubber hose. 
Side-view diagram of HOSE fitting.  Photo of HOSE fitting.
TUBE - Female inverted flare for 3/8" tubing.
Side-view diagram of TUBE fitting.  Photo of TUBE fitting. 
PIPE - Female 3/8" pipe thread fitting.
Side-view diagram of PIPE fitting.  Photo of PIPE fitting. 
PIPE-P - 3/8" female pipe thread fitting with an 1/8" pipe thread port for fuel pressure take-off. 
Side-view diagram of PIPE-P fitting.  Photo of PIPE-P fitting. 
AN-8 - Male AN-8 fitting to be used with 1/2" Braided Stainless Steel hose. It has a 1/8" pipe thread port for fuel pressure take-off.
Side-view diagram of AN-8 fitting.  Photo of AN-8 fitting.

Did you know... 

  • The fuel lines are Electro Polished for a High Luster.
  • The end fittings are made of 303 stainless steel and are silver brazed to the tubes.