This is the Graham Performance Tubing product listing of dual feed, fuel lines for Holley carburetors.  Locate your carburetor, choose a fitting and purchase the product number from one of our dealers.  The tube nuts are brass, unless otherwise noted.

Holley® Carburetor: Choose a Fitting: Purchase this Product #:
3310-4 Series Single Pump (750cfm Vacuum Secondaries)
8 21/32"
Hose HFL-203
Tube HFL-205
Pipe HFL-207
Pipe-P HFL-207-P
AN-8 HFL-289
4150 Double Pumper
9 5/16"
Hose HFL-200
Pipe HFL-206
Pipe-P HFL-206-P
AN-8 HFL-288
4500 Dominator Pipe-P HFL-303-P
AN-8 HFL-308

Keep in mind...

  • UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED to be of the finest material, construction and workmanship.
  • Extremely Strong, assemble with NO fear of bending or twisting.
  • Proper sealants such as Teflon® tape, are recommended upon assembly.